I have an american 60th anniversary strat, love the guitar, but i don't like the new bridge. Is there a way to put a vintage bridge on my new strat?
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only it has a six screw brideg on it now in which case it wood be a vintage bridge. I don't thing you could put a vintage bridge in the place of a two point bridge.
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well this is just plain wrong.

What don't you like about the bridge? Not enough range?

If it is a standard 6 screw and the screw spacing is the same then there will be a few aftermarket models that fit
In essence, yes. You could fill in the holes from the old trem and drill new ones for the new trem.
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What about if you just change the saddles to say something like Graphtech string saver saddles. You can get them in brushed, chrome, vintage and black I believe. I just changed to a graphtech nut and I'm lovin it.
If its a 2 screw then the only easy change is to another 2 screw style. To put a vintage 6 screw in the sleeves for the old bridge will have to come out and drill new holes for the new screws. If you dont like it floating you can put a block in so it will only dive pretty easy.