That is probably one of the best covers I have heard in a while. Excellent job, you nailed it. Love the tone as well.

Crit my Lenny cover?


or my White Stripes cover?

Great rendition of this classic Santana song !!! I like the way you played the vocal line on the guitar. I've worked on this song in the past but always thought it sounded a little thin without the vocal line. It fills it in nicely. Jazz guitarists do it all the time. Check out my cover of Santana's Samba Pa Ti.

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**** man, this is really good

The timing was good, the tone was great. Could have less distortion though,
overall great, i really liked it man.
Dont stop playing.
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Very nice tone!

Crit my Always with me, Always with you cover, its on my profile!
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very nice
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