Hey guys and gals! i own a 2005 mesa boogie triple rectifier and a mesa boogie 2x12 cab to go along with it. this amp is absolutely amazing! unfortunately it's a little too much amp for me at the moment. im looking to sell the mesa and then pick up a smaller combo amp.

i want to stick with tube amps cause solid state sucks, it needs to still be loud enough for gigs, will be used to play mainly rock and metal but also some indie/reggae music, and i'd like to try and keep it under $2000 brand new. no ebay crap!

anyways ive looked at a couple of different amps and right now there's a couple that stick out to me.

the Marshall TSL60
Randall MTS RM100C
Peavey 6505C
Mesa Boogie Roadster

so if you guys could give me your opinion on these amps or possibly something else that you think would work good for me please let me know!
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The TSL and Randall are nice, but not $2000 nice if you ask me. The 6505 is ok for metal, gets better with a speaker swap, but can't pull off indie or reggae respectably. Here's a few that I think would be nicer:

Mesa Roadking (much nicer than the Roadster imo, but you'll have to go used)
Mesa Lonestar
Engl Screamer
Maybe try a Mesa Single Recto combo?
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eh for the switchblade you might wanna watch out for the footswitch, mine is currently having some issues with communicating with the head,
I wouldn't part with the mesa in the first place. Besides a head and 212's are easier to lug around.
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yeah i know about the attenuators and that would be helpful but not really. heres the thing. i just graduated from high school and am going to be living in a cramped apartment with some other buds. the mesa takes up a lot of space, is really freaking loud, and was really expensive. i would like to sell it and buy something less expensive that still rocks at shows around town. i need a bit of spare change more than i need a mesa triple rec. catch my drift?
the first step to failure is trying.
If your lucky, you can find a used Road King combo on Craigslist for about 1700 dollars.
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