I know its possible but its damn hard...

Do any of you bass UGers have any tips for playing 32nd notes with your fingers (probably with all 4)? It seems phyically impossible to me, esp on the big ol' E and B strings. People will say use a pick if you want speed but that sounds to ugly/scratchy when you trem pick on bass strings. Any advice?
play em going 20bpm
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get a metronome and practice. it's really that simple.
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Picks sound fine as long as you use them properly.

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play em going 20bpm

He's right, you know. At super-fast speeds, you'd be hard pressed to tell 32nds apart. 32nds at 80bpm are just as fast as 16ths at 160bpm which are just as fast as 8ths at 320bpm.
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Play at the bridge to maintain control over the strings. Playing at the neck or on the neck pickup leads to quite sloppy strings which are hard to keep a hold of, play at the bridge and its easier to get higher speeds.

If you dont want to get a high trebbly sound, try to balence this out by panning more to the neck pickup.

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