So here's my band: Fevered Egos

As stated above, the songs are generally a mix of alternative and hard rock, although there are some acoustic ones and a more experimental one with some thick synthy riffs (not in an 80s way... ). I basically write the songs, and play guitar and sing, but I should add that I'm an inexperienced singer, so I'd like some feedback on my vocals also if you'd like, please. Anyway, I'm always writing new material, and the songs here just represent some of the range of the group. If you want a breakdown of the songs for when you go there...here ya go, I've got time:

Leaving Me Here: This is a solo acoustic one, just recorded it this week. It's a quieter one, a bit melancholy, and sparse.
Into The Wall : More of an indie sound to this one, a buildup and then a release. A lot of reverb in this one, a bit cheery once you get past the guitar fuzz.
Endless: Another solo acoustic one, but I wanted a more desolate sound and added some reverb. It's the first full song I wrote. (I should also note that I don't have an acoustic, so I'm forced to record my electric and add varying amounts of reverb to disguise that).
Anew: The heaviest song out of the bunch, with guitars tuned half a step down. A bit of a Deftones influence in this one, to me the chorus riff seems like a Deftones-Foo Fighters hybrid if that makes sense to anyone...
I Never Wanted This To Happen: The result of experimentation with different effects on Garageband, it's sort of electronica/hard rock. The guitars only kick in at the end, after the second chorus.
Down Again: An older one, and the only one with live drums due to the lack of proper mics. And my singing style on this one is closer to speaking, in my opinion. Sort of punkish, I guess, with my attempt at a solo, aided by my wah pedal.

Anyway, I figured a detailed post like this was the best way to get any kinds of responses, so I'll see if it was worth it. Even if you just want to pick one song and comment on that, that's awesome. And if you've read this far, thanks.
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