just like the title says.

condition? MINT

flaws? NONE

catch? uh only thing i can think of is that it won't have the power adapter with it

rest of the story: I'm selling the whammy b/c i can't justify the $250 purchase (my shop was a lil pricier than MF i know) i made on it. I don't even use it anymore b/c it's not in my style as much as other effects i could use money for. There's no scratches, dents or dings. I have the original box and should still even have the manual. I use the power adapter for my bad monkey and i'm keeping it that's part of the reason the price will be reduced, and yes you DO have to use a power adapter with it. regualr 9 volt one.

Price will be $130 USD + shipping cost and shipping insurance if it's required or you request it.

i'm also willing to throw a little deal here and include a digitech death metal and danelectro free speech talk box into the deal for an even $200 USD plus shipping and insurance.

these two extra pedals have less than a couple hours of playtime on each and have original boxes, no scratches. i don't use them AT ALL. the talkbox is fun, but essentially not gonna do me any good since i'm clearing out all my pedals that get no airtime.

only shipping in the US just so everyone knows. contact me via this thread AND pms to get more info and chat w/ me. i strive to keep a good name on UG and this is my first potential sell, so i'm sorry to say that i have no transaction history for anyone to vow on. But talk to darkarbiter7 or 311zoso to know that i'm not a guy to scam someone. I am setting up my paypal account to use my checking account so that will be up in a few days, probably after the weekend. If anyone is interested in these pedals, please keep contact, i'm on this site almost every single day.

looking forward to making a sell or two!

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Would you be interested in any trades to reduce the cost?

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I've been thinking about picking up a whammy lately,,, if you still have it when you get your paypal set up I may have to jump on this.