I'm looking for any musicians that are near boone, NC or in Boone, NC. I wanna start a band. Pretty much open to anytihng but psychedelic music or anything like that. Namely a progressive metal band. My influences include Coheed and Cambria, Dream Theatre, the mars volta, bullet for my valentine, mastodon, stevie ray vaughn. ( I'd like to think I'm kind of well rounded) Black Sabbath, Ozzy with Rhoads, Ozzy with Jake E. Lee and Ozzy with Zakk Wylde.

My gear includes a Johnson Studio Solara ( knock off les paul but almost as good)
Scott Ian Signature Washburn Lyon
Schecter Omen-6, Diamond Serieswith some mods
Crate XTR120
Ibanez 10 watt acoustic amp
Fender Frontman 15
Marshall 50watter with built in effects
And an Estban( yes, Esteban) acoustic