Have a les paul ultra and gettin a valveking. PLay all rock and some metal... Should i bring my guitar back and get a total solidbody... I've read lots that they do not do distortion well. I thought it sounded better in the store than the standard with distortion but it was on a modelling amp. What do you guys think
If it sounds good to you, keep it. If not, try something else.
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it's just a matter of personal preference my friend. it may sound good to you but the opposite with another. get a good distortion pedal and tweak it to your liking, maybe it can help so you won't have to buy another guitar. that would save you some cash.

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My friend did the same deal you did, presumably, from Guitar Center, right? Where you get $50 off, or something? Anyways, When I played it, it sounded pretty decent with distortion, but I think what people mean is that it's got a lower amount of maximum distortion that it can handle, so you can't play metal, and you can't really crank the distortion knob, or else it'll sound really muddy. So if that's the kind of music you're looking to play, there are plenty of other guitars at similar prices that you can choose from, regardless of whether or not you got a small deal off of this one. On the other hand, the LP Ultra seems like a really decent guitar for the price to me, (although it really needs a pickup change) so you really just need to decide whether or not it's your kind of sound.
ya... im headin to my guitar center this coming monday.... i'll try out a standard or others to see. i'll just have to find out. I love the feel of it but i'd sacrifice a bit of feel for better tone... i'll let you knoiw how it goes monday