Some of you may have noticed that lately I've been planning on building an amplifier cabinet as my Behringer isn't what I look forward to playing through.
I am aware that a lot of cabinets use wood like birch ply or something.

But, I had a question.
Would using something like Mahogany or Alder give a better tone to the cabinets? Or is there a certain reason as to why it's not used?

Thanks guys!
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Yeah of course.
But would Alder or Mahogany affect the tone and make it more unique from the plywood cabs?
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Wood type and construction is also important. Woods have different acoustic or vibratory properties. Some woods are considered "tone woods" and are commonly used in guitar building, but while amp cabinets face slightly different challenges, many of the same principles apply. The wood and construction of some wood components are more important than others. The speaker "baffle" that holds the speakers vibrates more than other parts. Solid woods are stiff and can contribute to particular frequency response (for better or worse). Differences in wood can add tone, but these differences are not nearly as critical as other parts of the amp.

I don't think it would perceptibly alter the tone but would it make it unique?

Yes - but you'd have to do a natural finish so that everyone might bask in the glory of a solid mahogany cabinet
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