Hi. I recently got apple Itunes installed on my laptop. I recieved a VISA giftcard for christmas that I thought had like $50 on it. Anyway long story short I registered the card online and used it to create an Itunes store account. I bought a few CDs in the Itunes store and thought nothing of it - the songs downloaded instantly into my music libery. I soon found out my gift card had been used previously by a family member and only had $15 on it. I still have the music in my libary and Itunes says that I have a outstanding balance of $39 on my account. I plan to go out tomorrow to buy a new giftcard with $50 on it and use it to pay off this dept. My question is though, will this balance hurt my credit in anyway or anything haha? Im a college student with no actual credit card, so I guess I have to go out to the mall and buy myself a new Visa gift card to enter it in. Anyone else have experince with this issue?
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It shouldn't, as long as you pay it off in a timely fashion, which you seem to be doing.
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Gift cards like that are prepaid and have no actual 'account' with you.

The only people who would have a problem would be itunes, and I don't know what their policy is. Sounds like they allow you a tab, so they must allow you to pay it back.

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no it won't. itunes most likely doesn't report any debt to the credit agencies. also $39 is nothing in debt.

think about opening up a credit card to raise your credit rating. you can get them for free, and you don't even have to use it often -- just $50 a month is enough.