I was thinking of buying a tuner in a stompbox-package

So the obvious choice would be a boss tu-2 but it's kinda expensive.
I was looking on the web for a cheaper equivalent and I found the Behringer TU300, wich is much cheaper and at a first glance it does exactly the same for a price thats way under the price of the tu-2. But I've read a review saying that the TU300 takes a long time to register the notes you play while tuning, wich can be a pain in the ass.

So my question is if anyone has some experiences with the TU300, the tu-2 or can even recommend another pedaltuner for me.

It's Crapinger so you are going to have more problems than slow registering of notes.
Better save up for the tu-2, its a very nice pedal, I tried it with several others in a shop here (my only suspicion was was the pedal really boss, because we do get quite a bit of knock offs that say boss on them here) plus people say that it's true bypass witch is a plus.
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I had, still have somewhere the TU300,

all in all it's pretty good, it is slow to register notes in chromatic mode, but all the preset tunings and pretty close to perfect.

Only thing is, it goes through batteries like fat guys through cake town, so i suggest a power supply. to give an example, simply had it in my effects line plugged in but not on (as in not actually tuning) and within 15 mins my signal was getting clipped and a further 5 it wouldn't let any signal through at all, thus meaning the battery had gotten to weak to support the bypass.

to save the hassle go with the boss
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ibanez lu20 if you want something cheap

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so far i hear: behringer is slow, the planet waves hums ( review )

and maybe I wasn't very clear about being cheap
i want the cheapest tuner, without ever feeling the urge to buy another one. So I'm not going to buy a piece of crap, I rather invest a bit more then buying another one in a couple of years

i'm actually suprised that ppl complain about the tuner from planet waves, always tought that planet waves was all about quality.
Id say either the Artec Big Dots tuner or, like glaz said, the Ibanez LU20
Both are true bypass so wont chomp up your tone, and are in a metal casing so can take a good stomping
After researching lots of pedal tuners, I ended up buying the Dean Markley PT13.

Cheaper, true bypass, mutes when in use, sturdily built, and is really bright (especially when you are in tune ).

The only problem I have with it is that it doesn't like the blended acoustic and electric signal from my Michael Kelly Hybrid, but I have stereo outputs to 2 different amps now anyway.
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the dean markley sounds interesting, but kinda difficult to get one here in Belgium
altough i am only looking at reviews from different sites

any more comments? additions?