My floyd feels really tight when i use it, especially when i try and fling it or w/e(like at the end of "under a glass moon" solo by john petrucci).

Also, the springs in the back of my guitar are HUGE looking. I'm not sure if thats the problem or if it's because i only have 3 springs. Except i only use standard 9 gauge strings on them too...

Should i upgrade my floyd rose? If so, what FL do u guys recommend??

thanks, btw

p.s. I have a Jackson Dinky
You can always try running it with just 2 springs. Keep in mind you'll have to have it re-set up. And if you switch to strings thicker than 9's you'll need the third back in.
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Yep, it's probably spring tension.
Unless you know how to do a setup you should probably let a pro do it.
Floating trems can be a b*tch