Hey guys, I recently acquired a Genz Benz Jr 35 watt amp to help my 12 string rise up when I'm jamming with my bandmates. However, I am really interested in acquiring a high quality overdrive pedal that will give me some overdrive similar to, say, the John Butler Trio.

Money is no real object but try to keep it below $150 (however I am trying to buy used so this may not be the biggest issue).

I'm pretty new to FX pedals, so if you know a little bit about the pedal itself that would really help... Or a source I can find good basic information.

Also, I'm sure this is a question only a neophyte like myself would ask, but would the same pedal work for both my 12 string acoustic and my 6 string electrics?

Thanks again for any help
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Xotic BB Preamp. New they run about $189, but you can score a used one for about $130
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What kind of pickup does your acoustic use? piezo's, magnetics and microphones react very differently to gain and effects.
Remember if you overdrive an acoustic theres a very good chance that it will feedback something fierce.At the least grab a sound hole plug.
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