Hi all,

A few days ago, I found a cheap (50 quid) left handed Classical guitar online. Since these are pretty much none existant, i had a browse around to see if they were any good. However I couldnt find anything on them.

Does anyone here know anything about Hokada Classsical guitars? If not then can people suggest any other classical guitars for under £100 (left Handed)


they're kinda cheap imo.. according to google and yahoo, you can get a hokada classical guitar for around 75pounds brand new, and with a solid top. their built in romania. i think it's in europe and most of them are hand finished. here's another left handed hokada guitar..

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Cheers. Thatll be useful, i dont mind about the cheapness, its just for taking down the beach. Seriously, its a major pain trying to find a LH classical, then 2 come along at once heheh.