5W tube amps, such as the Epiphone valve JR half stack and peavey nano, can i use like a multi effect processer such as the gt8 to change the sound and everything, because these 5w amps only have a volume no other features?

Many thanks
Peavey doesn't make an amp called an nano (Zvex does, but it costs a grip). The peavey is called a royal 8.

Can't help you until you state a budget and genres.
he doesn't ask about what amp to buy, he just asks if you can alter the tone with a multieffect pedal. you probably can change the tone of the amp, but I think that an EQ pedal would be the best choice.
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I stand corrected. Never seen one or even heard about one, much less heard it.

Second statement still stands.
yeah i've got a boss gt-8 and these lil tube amps look quite nifty but i'm just wandering if i'll be able to get good distortions, tones, effects and different sounds out of it.
well im into heavy rock, classic rock, glam meta. I've got epiphone les paul, i try to emulate sounds similar to slash's. If that helps?
I've used pedals on my VJ and it's fantastic. I think those 5 watters loves pedals.
Can you get good breakup out of those small amps without overdriving the outputs? Even a 5 watter is going to be too loud at full tilt when I'm practicing, so I'd like to be able to overdrive the input (preamp) with either an OD pedal or by buying a tube amp with a gain control, and still keep the power amp turned down. Good solution?
Speaking of the peavey, has anyone played or heard it yet?

i'm a little curious.

Looks like a vj rip off
Vj works great with my POD XTL.
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Quote by scott58
Vj works great with my POD XTL.

Thank you for answering the question asked by the TS, and not trying to turn this into a "which amp" thread, when it clearly isn't.

TS, you can get some great practice-volume results with a 5 watt tube amp and a multi-effects processor. However, when you turn up a 5 watt tube amp, you get natural tube distortion, which may not play well with the multi-effects.