Filipinos here? Or just everybody. Do you know where to buy Roland Amplifiers here in the Philippines? The price should be: (125$ - 140$) in peso (4,500 - 6000).

Or if there aren't any Roland amplifier that is not fit with my budget. What Marshall amplifier would you recommend? The small ones only like I mentioned in my other thread. in the "Confused" one. Thanks guys.
i'm not from phillippines, but i think the roland cube should fit your budget. or the microcube. are you gigging? or is it just for practice?

i'd also like to say stay away from any marshall within your budget, as the cheaper marshalls are absolutely horrible. Expect to pay upwards of the equivalent of about £400/$800 for a decent marshall amp.
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
Nah I don't like ebay. Haha. Maybe direct stores here in the Philippines. In America it's like those Guitar Centers.
How many times do you want it repeated? Roland Microcube. The cheap Marshalls are all bad.
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Filipino user... Cool, I'm Filipino too! And so is Kirk Hammett! I think...

But more on topic, the best amps that you can get for that money are the Roland Microcubes and the Vox DA5's.

Personally, if I'm not taking my amp out of the house, I would stick with a Roland Cube 15X which i believe is cheaper which runs about 5000 pesos.
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Yeah that would be cool dude. But where to buy it here in the Philippines. What store.
if your name is vincent, that would be weird. i'm having a hard time imagining a philipine vincent.

oh, +1 on the microcube.
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Roland Microcube

or, if you want a good tone with no effects, Orange Crush.
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if your name is vincent, that would be weird. i'm having a hard time imagining a Philippine vincent..

Nah, Vincent is common here. Haha.

@SSL27: I don't like online buying. I like going to stores then buying it.
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You get the jist, everyone jumps on bandwagon

it sounds like he's looking more for a place to buy in the philliphines...
ohh, I only answered second part of the question.. as for where to buy them I have no clue.. I don't see why you're so against buying online..
It kinda' seems like the best option for you if you can't find them anywhere around..
I shop online all the time.. never had a problem with it.
Well, we don't live there. How about you go out and do some research on shops? Does your country have something like the Yellow Pages?
Yep we have Phone Directories here.

@Technicolor: Our family doesn't have any experience buying something online so they will not agree. Especially my parents and aunts.