Anyone check this guy out? Look him up on YouTube, his guitar improvisations have so many killer riffs.

If anyone fancies tabbing some let me know. He's got to be playing in drop something. I think it's maybe drop C.

First One

Second One

Second second one. Hey, that's how he's labelled them. I'm getting a definite Billy Talent feel from it.

Last one. Getting epic now.

There's also some more serious stuff by him up there and one of him playing piano, guitar and bass at once.
I've seen one of those before, and I just can't believe that some of that stuff is improvised.
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Yeah i've seen this dude, man some of the faces this guy pulls. Looks like a spanked monkey
I dont like the first 2 at all, but the second two are okay

Definately not improvisation though
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Ah very good point. Charlie__flynn, you've out smarted me


crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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Definately not improvisation though

That's what I thought. They seemed way too polished.
he probably played it before, then recorded him...unfinished dream is just amazing...he deserves a deal/tabs on here
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