right im building a guitar and i have taken pickups from my old guitar and put them in the new guitar but the pickup wire is not long enough how can i make the wire longer?

i thought of using some old wire i had here to make it longer but does the type of wire matter?
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I'm not excatly sure but i don't think you can make a waire longer than it is...if you combine the wires and soder them together..a) you might get the wires themselves instead of melting the rubber and b) the wires might not agree with each other. But i honestly don't know much about wiring so i could be completely wrong.
If its a single center hot and a shielded braid then thats the kind you want to use. if its the 4 conductor you can splice wires but want to come close to what was used originally. You dont want to use the heavy ignition system stuff sold at wall mart or something of the sort go to radio shack. They probably wont have the shielded single conductor stuff tho. You can in a pinch get away with running a black ground wire soldered to the shielding and another wire for the hot if the guitar is shielded.