I just finished building a Strat / Les Paul and it has a bad hum. This is the stats on the guitar. It's a Strat body and neck with the Fender tremelo and bridge removed and replaced with a Les Paul tuneomatic bridge. It has Humbuckers from the Les Paul and the stock Fender single coil pickup from the neck in the middle. Originally the ground on the Fender went to the trem and then to the body. Now it goes strate to the body. I have lined the pickup cavity with copper tape. It hums unless I touch a metal part. Is this hum from a bad ground or from the single coil pickup? I have plugged it into a FM212R, Marshall half stack, a small amp called the "Cube", a Fender SP-10 and it does it on all of them. So as you can see it's the guitar not the amp. The guitar came to be becuase I had a broken Strat and a Les Paul with the neck broken in half. I call it the "Mutt". Anyway, any help would be nice.
The ground wire that was attached to the fender bridge should have been connected to the TOM bridge. Be alot harder to do now that you have installed it. Usually its put at the bottom of the hole for one of the sleeves and the sleeve is pressed down on top of it.
bad grounding. or faulty wiring.
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Thanks, Tackleberry you dead on. I pulled everything apart and grounded the bridge. Hum is gone. This why I like UG, help at the ready.