im new and so if this is in the wrong section im sorry...but im having trouble with pinch harmonics. i have done like 3 successful sqealies in my life, but i cant get them most of the time.... i need some help
it's the right section to post that i think..

and yeha... i have the same problem
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make sure your thumb is just about as near to the pick as possible and pinch the living hell out of it, thats how i did it....
Also on the bridge section it works well in some places and not so well in others, experiment and try finding the good places and the not so good places. Also its easy to start on the 2nd/3rd fret on the g-string. its pretty easy to do them on there. As you get better progess downwards or upwards to either low E or high E. its pretty awesome when you can pull em off 99% of the time
i have the same issue, i can occassionally get it but not always. my problem is this--> i'm not sure what people mean when they say pinch. as in, what's the actual motion of the fingers/wrist? i have always envisioned it like a pickstroke and then a quick dropping of the thumb into the string, but when people say pinch i'm completely confused because i don't see how literally pinching a string could actually produced anything other than a muffled sound. and when you say pinch do you mean actually squeeze the string between the thumb and the pick? help!>?!?
^ its really hard for me to explain personally. but i'll try

you get your thumb near the point of the pick, you shouldn't have much of the pick sticking out

what i do is pick into the string and while doing this in one fluid motion give a very slight flick of the wrist which pushes the edge of the thumb into it

when i tell people how to do it, they assume i mean hit the string with the pick then rub the thumb across it, which is technically how its done but its so quick there is virtually no space between the 2 actions and they happen almost simultaneously. other than that, youtube videos might help.
It has to do with the way you pick the notes...I guess it's sort of
trying to pinch/pluck the string with you're pick.
Kind of down and out quickly.

easier on lighter pick guage or with the gain turn up

On my fretboard hand, I press the heck out of the string
against the fret.
On artifical harmonic I gently let my finger glide over the string.

On pinch harmonics I can control the vibrato by vibrating the string
or bending the harmonic.

On artifical..I guess the vibrato bar, bending the neck ,or pressing
on the string above the nut on the head stock.