hello everyone! i have just started working on my summer job and in a couple weeks i will have a little over $1200 so i was wondering if anyone else thinks that this guitar is a good choice for me or do you have other guitar suggestions for around this price =). It is a dean cemetery gates themed razorback and when i saw its killer looks i instantly thought i gotta have it! i play all types of rock and i was wondering if this would be a great choice
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hey everyone this is my first post on the forums so i'm not sure how to use this well (not good with computers) you can find better images of this guitar on deanguitars.com or google i'm sure
right now i'm using a fender g-dec, its just a practice amp, i'm also looking for suggestions on a good amp to get as well
well since youre buying a dean im going to assume youre into metal
i would suggest getting a high end marshal, and just buy the guitar later
I'd wouldn't spend the $1200 on the Dean. 600-700$ on a guitar and the leftover + whatever extra money you have on an amp.
well, its a good guitar & a limited edition, so if they stop making them you could sell it in the future for a profit. with it being a high end dean, it should be good & well made. as for an amp, id suggest either an engl fire ball or powerball, should supply the tone you (might) want
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how much you think it will cost to get one, and thanks for the advice

not sure
im not much into marshall amps
but i imagine you could drop 600-800 easy on a good one
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I'd wouldn't spend the $1200 on the Dean. 600-700$ on a guitar and the leftover + whatever extra money you have on an amp.

well i am selling a four-wheeler at the moment and i already almost have enough cash for the guitar and i will have about an extra 1500 after i buy the guitar and my fourwheeler sells, so i'm just wondering is this guitar worth the money, because i can still buy a killer amp im sure
Not worth the money.

It isn't that great of a guitar. Definitely not worth that much. If your gonna drop that much get a high end IBANEZ RG or S series. Amp go with a peavy 5150 II or a 6505+

Dean makes really ****ty guitars for the money. You might as well buy a BC RICH if that is the look you are going for. Same quality, half the price.
ive also heard that the neck pickup in the guitar isnt that great, but it has a licensed floyd rose
Get an ESP if you're gonna' blow 1200.
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on second thought, get a jackson soloist
those things are expensive as ****, but every time i hear one i skeet myself