I'm just confused with all these different cables.

Can you tell me what's the differences?

1/4 Angled (90)
1/4 Straight
1/4 Angled Braided
1/4 Straight Braided

And what type of music do each of them suit?
It's just the input cord.. angled 90 is a right angle, straight well it's straight, i've never seen the other. Just go get straight unless you need a different shape.
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well, 90 degrees angled jacks are better generally ig you play for example an ML with the input on front & braided i believe is a referance to the cable(not wire) material, i believe that braided cables are made from a textile material, whereas most cables are plastic.
Yea the braided has a cloth decorative braid on the outside the others are just rubber or plastic. The ends are just that straight or 90 degree. All guitars can use a straight not all can use a 90. SGs, LPs, guitars with a flat jack on the front or on the heel of a guitar the 90s work well. But the strat style the 90s may or may not work so well with.
90 degrees means that the end of the cord is bent at a right angle

Straight means that it is just a normal cable

Braided means that instead of just the plastic or rubber coating on the outside of the cable it is also braided with a cloth like material to protect the cable further.

I find the braided cables annoying because the extra protection is not needed unless you are chewing on your cable and when the cable gets twisted or bent it keeps that shape.

If you stand and play with a strap use a 90 degree cable overlapped between the strap and guitar so that you don't bend the cable to much which will eventually cause it to short out. that is under the assumption that the guitar input is on the side and not the front.

If you sit when you play use a straight cord to prevent stress.

There is no difference in the quality of the cable, it's mostly just a comfort thing.