This started life as a Stagg Strat Copy - but ive messed around with the body a lil to get a cool flowing shape, and added a mighty mite HSS pre-wired pick guard, as some of you might have noticed the next thing im looking to change is the trem, let me hear your comments about what you think!!

(and i know my high e is missing, i snapped it earlier today when i pushed the trem bar down - any one got a reason for this why im here???)
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dude that is fvcked up and pretty darn ugly yet still kinda cool and funni looking, like it popped right out of a cartoon
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I was lookin at the pics and hated it til i got to the 4th one and thought 'hang on.. thats pretty darn good!'

Nice job!
it's okay. unique. but not for my taste.
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It's not the most ergonomically pleasing design however i bet it's super nice to play as you have like the ultimate in fret access!

Good job
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