Well, I've got to decide on a new guitar. I play everything, but not so much metal. I wouldn't go heavier than maybe Metalcore or Math Rock. PLaying mainly alternative rock, post-hardcore, punk-ish stuff. Think NOFX, ATDI and The Fall Of Troy all mixed with a little Snow Patrol and you've got it.


It's either -

Fender 72 Deluxe Telecaster:
* Exact duplicate of original
* Alder body
* '70s large Strat headstock
* One-piece C-shaped maple neck
* 3-bolt neck plate with Micro-Tilt adjustment
* Bullet truss rod nut
* 21 medium jumbo frets
* 6-saddle string-thru bridge
* Dual humbuckers with alnico magnets for fat, gritty tone
* Chrome pickup covers
* 3-way switching
* Black dot position inlays


Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special HH
* Body: Alder
* Finish: Polyester
* Neck: Maple
* Fingerboard: Rosewood, 9.5 (241mm)
* Frets: 22, Medium Jumbo
* Scale Length: 24 (610 mm)
* Nut Width: 1.650 (42 mm)
* Hardware: Chrome
* Tuning Keys: Fender Vintage Style Tuning Machines
* Bridge: Fender Adjusto-Matic Bridge With Floating Tremolo Tailpiece
* Pickguard: 4-Ply Brown Shell

* Neck: Enforcer Humbucking Neck Pickup
* Middle:
* Bridge: Enforcer Humbucking Bridge Pickup

Pickup Switching 2-On/Off Slide Switches, One for Each Pickup, Master Kill
* Switch
* Controls
* Lead Circuit: 2-Position Tone Switch, Volume, Tone,
* Rhythm Circuit: Cut switch, Humbucker/Single Coil Blend
* - One for Each Pickup

Strings: Fender Standard Tension ST250R, Nickel Plated Steel,
* Gauges: (.010, .013, .017, .026, .036, .046),
* p/n 0730250206
* Accessories: Deluxe Gig Bag

If I got the Jaguar, I'd put a maple neck on it. Maple necks are my fetish. I'd be using an Orange Tiny Terror and Vox 2x12.
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A tough choice indeed. I would go for the Tele but that's only my opinion. Have you had a chance to play any?

EDIT: Don't bother getting the Jaguar and then a new neck, it will cost a fortune as they are a little harder to come by than a Strat or Telecaster neck. Plus, if the neck feels great then why replace it?
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i tried the deluxe a few months ago on a cube 60 the harmonics i could pull outta it was wow i dunno how well it will do the stuff you want i play hardrock, grunge and metal so i went for a lp instead but yh maybe a pickup change and it could.
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What is that big hole at the neck joint for?

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the neck?

Im a huge tele fan, but that jag is very nice!

Try both and see which plays betteR!
My friend has the Tele, but in the Custom model. It's basically the same, but only with a thicker neck and a single coil instead of HH. I've played a standard Jaguar, but the single coils just didn't cut.

I know this one will be probably be an exception, but I prefered the Jag over the Tele Custom. They're both BEAUTIFUL guitars and I don't want to have to choose. I'd probably get the one I don't pick 12 months later, but I'm edging towards the Jag, as it's more unique and Rodriguez-Lopex used one that's very alike for ATDI. It also has coil-tapping, so I could get standard Jag out of it too.

EDIT: I'm just going to buy a standard strat/tele neck. I know it probably won't fit but it's nothing my local tech/technology teacher couldn't do
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^To be fair though that's the attraction of the standard Jaguar. But anyways for what it is the Enforcer humbuckers in the Jaguar you're looking at will definitely suit you best, John 5 uses the same type in his teles so they should have enough oomph and output for the stuff you have in mind. I'd reccomend 72 Tele but I'm just not that familiar enough with it's humbuckers to determine if it's even going to handle any Metalcore or Math Rock (it'll handle the rest OK but still it might be good for just that for all I know).
Ok to refresh yourselves, It would be a main mix of Biffy Clyro and ATDI. I've jsut been reminded I'm wrong with my accusations about what I play.

Damn friends.

I know Simon Neill form Biffy used a Deluxe Tele once, and taht he used a tele to record, and that Omar uses reverse Jaguars.

Wow, this is quite a pickle.
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id lean towards the tele. But im quite sure the guitarist in snow patrol uses one as well.
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Keep in mind that the Jaguar has a short scale length (24") compared to the Tele (25.5"). Two completely different feels. And why did they do a strat headstock on the tele....I have a 72 Thinline and it is much sexier :p
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Sorry for suggesting the Jaguar HH, Didn't know about problems with it!
I think the tele 72' personally, although you can get it in pure white and it looks great!

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What? A semi decent looking hh jag when did that happen?

If the jag tuns ou better than the regular **** hh ones go for it, but theyre a bit oftrouble but ultimately a better guitar than the tele Imo.
The White finish of the Tele is a now-discontinued model, unfortunatley.

I think the Jag is still a gamble, as if I ask the local to get one in, they'll expect me to pay for it and what happens if I don't like it. The tele however, I played tonight, and LOVED. It was sunburst witha rosewood neck, which pissed me off, as it (IMHO) ruined the guitar, but I can't wait to get it in Walnut with a maple neck
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As a Jaguar conniseur of sorts I'm going to have to comment and make sure you're not making a mistake here... (for reference, I play a lot of different music; jazz, some rock, mathcore, post-hardcore -- including ATDI)

I've never been a fan of the deluxe telecaster, even though one of my favourite bands (Dillinger Escape Plan) *****s it quite extensively. You'll get some very nice mids out of it, though, but I don't think it matches your style very well (which may or may not be a good thing).
However, as a Jaguar ***** I've also never been a fan of the Jaguar HH if only because the Jaguar with single coils sounds absolutely godly and will keep pushing regardless of how heavy you want it to play. If you can afford it (which I think you can if you were contemplating the Tele deluxe) I would strongly recommend a 1962 Reissue Jaguar with single-coils and then if you insist on humbuckers (which I think, after hearing the Jaguar with singles, you won't), replacing just the bridge pickup with humbuckers as you can get very interesting sounds out of the Jaguar's stock neck. Otherwise, the HH Jaguar's a great choice because a Jaguar's a fantastic guitar. Just keep in mind that the Jaguar really isn't a low-maintenance guitar and has an unfortunately large amount of problems out of the box.
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That's why i've decided on the Tele. And why if I feel the need I'll get either a Jag and fix it up for buy a G400 and install better pickups.
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Go for the tele mate
If you love it, go for it!
Just give it the rocking it deserves!
I hope you two have a lovely time together

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Unfortunatley for me, they're both very sexy.
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Actually I've played both of 'em. And i must say go for the Tele, it's so darn awsome!
I would marry it if it was possible to have sex with it :P
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Get the Jag,most definately.

this post has NOTHING to do with my Hate for Tele's