I recently decided to buy an N64 and live out my childhood dreams of playing zelda for hours. I beat ocarina of time and now i have majoras mask. I have the Gold Cartridge and whenever i try to play it says i need the expansion pak. Alot of people ive asked said they never needed the Expansion Pak. So is there any way i can get around trying to find the expansion pak and just play the game using the original N64 setup?
Yea, you need an expansion pack.

And the people you're talking to probably didn't know they even had one.

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I had this very same problem when I got it for christmas, I was so excited to play it too. I would sell you mine but it wouldn't be worth the shipping lol You can get one for like £5 I think.

Great game by the way Takes ages to finish though, even when you've completed it like 5 times.
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and yeah it sucks... i got Majoras mask right after it came out and got the gold cartridge, but i didnt have an expansion pack for like another 2 months... broke ass 14 year olds lol
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you have to have the expansion pack.
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