E# F E# A# G c

Yes, the black dahlia murder plays their new cd in this tuning and id like to know if there is a way to tune to this by ear cuz i dont have a tuner.
that's interesting tuning. i have no suggestions. i'm really bad with all the harmonic-based tuning, i just turn on my chromatic tuner. haha.

i really need to develop my ear more.
Really, the tuning is F F F A# G C

If you're guitar is in standard tuning, play F on a string (not the 6th string) and tune it to that. Then tune the next 2 strings to the same note. Then you have to find a A# G and C somewhere on the guitar and tune them to that. But really, you should get a chromatic tuner, it'll be far easier
One question: Why would you need two string to sound exactly the same? Oh Well.

From standard Tuning
Tune 6th string up till the 4th fret sounds like A
Tune 5th string down till the 8th fret sound like D
Tune 4th string up till the 1st fret sounds like G
Tune 3rd string up till the 1st fret sound like B
Tune 2nd string down till the 8th fret sounds like E
Tune 1st string down till the 7th fret sounds the octave of G.

That's gotta be the dumbest tuning scheme I have ever seen. But there you go, knockyourself out.
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any string breakage or any ensueing frustration therein.