ok so i know theres tons of these types of threads but i need a new guitar. i play 70s, 80's, and 90's rock like led zeppelin, gnr, nirvana, ac/dc, ozzy, etc. i have around a $550 budget, and i need something with a tremelo. the only guitar i've ever had is an ibanez gsa 60 which is crap. please help.
I know the musice scource in wild wood IL is selling jacksons and GandLs fro around $450 to $500 some r $330
I'd recommend gettin somethin used. I got a Fender Stagemaster, which is no longer manufactured , for $200. It has a tremolo on a Floyd Rose lockin system. Btw, since you want a tremolo, I'd also recommend tryin to get somethin with a Floyd Rose tremolo. IMO, Floyd Rose tremolos are the best there are.

P.S.: If you do get a Floyd Rose trem, don't lock the bolts down up at the nut. It stays in tune better if the lockin system is jus restin on the strings, with nough room to tune with your tunin pegs. This is especially true if you use the bar a lot.