Poll: Which type of hair should i get?
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Keep long hair(skater style)
62 70%
Cut it short (fauxhawk)
27 30%
Voters: 89.
Cut it because if you want it long again you can just wear a wig.
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Cut it because if you want it long again you can just wear a wig.

lol smart, didnt think of that :P
Short is most comfortable in summer...and all year around really unless you live somewhere that has crazy cold winters.
It all depends on how you look to start with... some people look good in long hair, some look better in short, some (especially the bald ones) without any hair at all
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Long mofo, but wait, "skater style?" wtf?
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I'd leave it long, less you're really lookin to get a job. Mine is medium length right now, but the top is short cuz I put in a mohawk. Idk, do wat ya like most, man. Best advice I can give.
You seen Metalocalypse? That's how your hair should be. It gots to looks Myetle.
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I just cut mine short for summer...I suggest you do the same and let it grow out again.
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Short. It's cleaner, especially when it's hot outside.
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You seen Metalocalypse? That's how your hair should be. It gots to looks Myetle.

This man speaks the truth.
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Seen the pics, you call that long hair?

now its past my ears lol , but its not long long like back in the day metallica long , but more medium long(skater style lol)
My hair's more than halfway down my back, that's long.

Anywho, 'tis a strange question to be asking other people. If you want to keep it then do so, same with getting it cut.

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Short. It's cleaner, especially when it's hot outside.

Believe it or not, people with long hair have heard of showers too...
I personally like long hair. yeah, mine's long-layered, but i still prefer long hair.

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I had long hair and just got it cut to a bit shorter than your first pic in a similar style and I have to say I'm glad I did. It's easier and more comfortable. So I say shortish.
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you know, i wanted short hair...and now that i cut it pretty short, i really want my long hair back cause i've been finding all theses awesome hairstyles so i would say leave it long because you can always do stuff to your hair if its long, but when it's short you get kind of limited
How about you keep it long and not call it 'skater style'.

EDIT: Both pictures look gay, and thats not long hair.
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That's not long at all dude. Keep growing it. I love how these kids brag about their "awesome long hair" when it's only slightly past their ears. Grow it to the small of your back and then talk.
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A) thats not long hair

B) youre a queer either way
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F**KInG buzz it, dont be such a poon!

plus this is a type of question a 13 yr old girl should ask. Not a half ass excuses for a man like your self.

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