Hello fellow "ultimate-guitarists", just thought to share the news. Between the dates of Tues May 13, 08 and Monday May 26, 08; I was on a media blitzkrieg and conducted 7 Internet Radio interviews and most of the interviews are available as mp3/podcasts on my website:

The interviews were quite revealing and humorous at times as I talked about my latest musical endeavor "Marching In" and being that it was near "Memorial Day" I played guitar for the listening audiences and performed many patriotic songs in honor of the U.S. Troops. (perhaps a volatile subject here as this site is global and not U.S. concentric... go easy... LOL oh well)

Just to name a few of the shows that I appeared on:
* Nightmares with Malice Cooper
* What's Your Story/blogtalkradio
* Treble Radio
* Hollywood Music TV Canada Online Ezine
* DJ Skye Pilot on JFL Radio

**Hey it would be cool if anyone reading this came on by my page that I just started up a little while ago and said "Hello"