Hi im very new with power tab writing and i have a few questions. How you can put a guitar too rhythim notes? And how I can learn the beats for differents types of music, EX: Fast Rock, Slow Ballad,etc. how i put all this things? Please someone answer me!
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Fast rock/slow ballad, etc. have the same beats, just are faster or slower. They aren't defined either, they're just ways of naming the bpm (beats per minute). Faster songs might be termed fast rock, slower ones slow ballads, etc.

If you want two rhythm notes for one guitar, and I'm assuming two rhythm notes means that you want to, let's say, hit three notes at once and have one continue ringing longer than the others, just set it as a low melody for the bass notes (I believe you just click on the tab number or staff note and press "u" or just use the "notes" tab above).