I know nothing about pickups, so to start off, do the solid pickups like the ones usually in a les paul when you first buy it any better than the ones that slash puts in his (the solid looking ones vs. the two single coiled ones)? I tried an Epi LP standard and the pickups sounded great, and then I tried the Epi Slash Signature and the Standard's pickups sounded better, so is there a difference b/t the sounds of the pickups and if so, what. Sry if its confusing...
Well, the one that looks like two single coils are just uncovered. The solid looking ones have covers over them. As for your scenario, I'm not sure.
they're both humbuckers. Slash's pickups have moderate output.
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The solid looking ones are just covered humbuckers, where as other is just an uncovered humbucker. They're both humbuckers and if they're both the same brand/model, they'll sound the same. Any tone difference between the two types is negligible.

Covered humbuckers that are properly grounded have the added benefit of reduced electromagnetic interference as the cover acts as a shield (although generally not a great one and may not have an audible effect) - mostly, a covered humbucker is an aesthetic choice.
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I have uncovered humbuckers on my Epi Les Paul, and they sound great, if I turn up the treble on the guitar, it gets this cool vintage stack sound.
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Sweet thanks a million, if i were to just stick a gibson alnico tyle pickup cover on em would they look normal? (
the pickups on the slash model will sound better as they are a pair of ALinco II Pro's arent they? whilst the ones in the standard are some epi stock ones

thats why it sounded better

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