Can non professionlas get a custom shop Dean?
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They'll take anyone who has the money
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no, they do not have a public custom shop, I tried. I emailed them to see if I could get a Vendetta in Translucent green, they emailed me back stating they do not have a custom shop. You gotta be somebody before they will build you an axe apparently.
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no, to get a dean custom you have to be dead good or dead
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Kinda. AFAIK, you can order a USA Dean model with whatever color, hardware, and pickups you want. USA Deans are notoriously expensive, though, routinely costing over $4000 stock.
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no, to get a dean custom you have to be dead good or dead

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That's like me pinning the name of every custom shop/luthier I know saying they'll do you a guitar similar.
if you ask some dealers on the dean forum they can set you up with the right people to make a custom. BRG, CARLINO, and Funky Monkey
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