What kind of guitar does Dave Mustaine play live? I know he plays his Dean VMNT but is it the Standard or the Custom one? I have read in many places that it is both. But I don't know. But other than that. I am trying to learn to play like Dave Mustaine so what techniques should I work on a lot? I was thinking Hammer-ons, pill-offs, and tremolo picking. Is that about right? I dont think he taps very often.
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Sometimes he plays the gray USA custom shop one. Sometimes he plays the ones you can buy for $1200. If you ever want to buy one of Dave's sigs, get his Jackson, or ESP. Both are far superior.

In terms of playing he's pretty basic, you're gonna want to learn how to fly through pentatonics. His big strength is his rhythm playing. He's a brilliant song writer.
thanks. I can fly thorough pentatronics now pretty well. i am working on the Major scale and the modes. but I am currently a lead. I used to play rhythm for my band but our lead left, and I took his spot... ironically I am 10X better than our last lead... We thought becuase he could play fast he was amazing, but then we agreed. fast isnt good unless it sounds good too. So yeah.... But my Rhythm has helped me greatly. I am not a songwriter. I purely d guitar parts. and I want to become the best there is! I think I am the only person who really follows the dream too, I am the only person who decided to hell with school. I want to play guitar. haha.
"Nice boys don't play rock n' roll" - Axl Rose in (Nice Boys cover)
If you want to play like Dave Mustaine learn the solo from Holy Wars and then stop learning.

Until you can do that try grammar; it's fun!
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