Well summer is here and I am gonna try to get ripped. I think I am gonna run about a mile at nights and then do push ups and sit-ups and all that **** when I'm done. Also what do I do about a diet? Does anyone have any tips on working out? Or have any plans for working out this summer?
You are going to need to run more than a mile (unless you are only going for muscle strength, in that case I suggest wind sprints)
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Suicides and lots of them for leg strength, about 500 crunches a day for abs every day, 4 sets of 12 for pull-ups, chin-ups and dips. That would be good.
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i plan to go jogging for 30 to 60 minutes in the mornings during summer.
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dude whats your body type... fat trying to turn it into muscle. or skinny trying to just get ripped.

im not fat but im not skinny
i have a little fat around my stomach and arms and stuff
and i wanna turn all that into muscle
Just eat alot of protein, run, and SWIM... I swim like 3 hours every day in the summer... it's great exercise and also cools you off.
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check my sweet fractures post... i was browsing that thread for a second and looks pretty damn good. that bodybuilder.com is sweet that it showed. cause now i found some good exercises for my forearms
I always plan to lift weights and exercise over summer, but I never do.
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