yesterday was Thursday and the last day of school for me... i didnt go to school because i pretty much hated school since the day i went to first grade. but today i feel sad because i really gonna miss school.. it was an awesome experience even though we had to wake up early and then go to math class, and argue about how you do so much hw and don't seem to get it right.

I'm gonna remember that and also all the people that made me laugh this year.. how i used to skip the line at lunch to get crappy food but i still did it cause i was hungry and could eat w.e the **** was there to eat.. tomorrow is graduation and am excited but at the same time feel sad... to know that am not gonna wait for school to come anymore..or to chill at lunch.. or to go up to the third floor to english class... . and i know ill see most of my friends again because this world is really fn small.

sorry ug, i just had to get that out of my system...
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.........oh wow.
Eddy 372, im nominating you badass of UG
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I believe thats the best looking Explorer I've ever seen, I did think they were all ugly until i seen that one Eddy372 good choice.

Same here.

edit: I haven't graduated, I'll just be bored during parts of the summer that is.
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lol I graduated on Wednesday, but I know I'll always be coming back from time to time for various reasons. For example, I went there this morning to pick up my guitar and amp, which I left there after the graduation performance.

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My class' graduation was this past Sunday. I don't feel a whole lot different. I know I'll miss the things I liked about school but those same things can be had in college. Don't lose contact with your friends. In my opinion, that's very important.
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i just graduated last friday. i dont have to go to school till i start college..it feels good knowing i dont have to go back to hell. I went for 14 ****ing years. but i hear college kicks ass.