So I've decided to get an Orange Amp. I want to get the Orange Crush 15R, and a place I came across was http://www.geartree.com/default.aspx

I was wondering if anyone knows if that store is a good place to buy amps from, as in reliability and they wont rip me off and such. My other option was ebay, but if I buy from guitartree the shipping is free

Here is the link to the amp if anyone wants it:

Basicially if anyone knows anything good or bad about this site, please tell me! Thanks!
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that amp is orange.

well done. i considered getting this amp, but the 30 watt version, but then decided against it, to get a roland cube 30x. but thats just personal preference.
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The guitartree website doesn't work, unless it's supposed to be a crappy search engine wih links to help you play guitar
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