So i've been looking into buying an amp but i only have $300 saved up. I was looking at getting this amp so i was wondering what the pros and cons were about that amp, and if anyone could suggest any better amps that are around my budget.

By the way, this would be my first actual amp (not including my practice amp) and it would be mainly for smaller gigs, nothing huge and I like to play a lot of hardcore music and some punk stuff.
Go for t00b combo!

Valveking perhaps?
Call me Wes.
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You should just keep saving up a little more.. unless you need it RIGHT away.

I've been looking into a new amp also and I think I'm going to go with a B52 AT112 or 212.. depending on how much I want to spend. I don't play hardcore ****, but I've heard you can get a real good heavy tone from these B52 amps. I'm not sure you're looking for a good tone if you're playing hardcore though..
That's about what a used Valveking goes for. $399 new if you save some more. Or Crate V18-112 for $329. Not sure if it will pull off hardcore **** though, whatever that is.