I am new here and have a question about my Vox Ad120 combo. I have been having an issue with the volume, the level drops intermittently. I set it to the level I want and then it drops quite a bit and then comes back to the original setting. It does this every time I play it. Any suggestions on what to look for?
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also, please don't post more than one thread on the same thing. just wait, if your first thread doesn't deliver responses within the first hour you have to be patient. bumping is frowned upon in the majority of the forum, posting an identical thread will result in it getting closed.
very important advice ^

your first thread: Volume problems with my ADT 120 will get moved to either GG&A or possibly GB&C.

although it's not actually a customization issue,
the tech-heads hang out in GB&C, so it might get better replies there.

in any case this thread will probably be closed.

btw, welcome to UG!

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