hey guys and girls you can talk about the pigeon detectives here and has anyone got any tabs for there new album.....
well you must be &@£$ing %*"% yourself mate if you think they are then %*^£ off because i dont care what you think when your as famous then you can have a good opinion but your nothing
To be fair though, they are shit, and I hardly think it matters whether you're famous or not when sharing your opinion. Most of mainstream pop and rock relies less on talent/originality and more on luck/appearance/mass appeal.

I love the way that when people say they don't like something they get abuse back. Learn to disagree amicably, kids.

yes well to give **** you are going to get **** back and it is everyones opinion really they wouldnt of really got famous from nothing so they must have something ...... and lol what amicably mean
Yeah, somebody recommended them to me after I mentioned I like Arctic Monkeys. I don't like them much TBH.