I just got out of school 2 days ago, and right now I'm home alone and really bored. I have been playing Guitar, but what else do you guys recomend me doing? Im about to go crazy!
Fappity Fap Fap

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No, seriously, if you can't hook up with some friends or something, just practice guitar or workout, or do some homework w/e.
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I thought chain answers got a banning now?

Anyway, learn drums, problem solved.
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i would say fap but turns out , people who do this (not fap but say what the dude above you said) will get a warning or be banded!!
so i would say , play guitar?
regret asking the pit what to do in your spare time

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Grab an acoustic, get a few friends (or not) find a field and play. Seriously, in the sun, people around you, guitar = Awesome.

Or you can take/buy your skateboard and take vids of some epic bails down a concrete hill?
or just play more guitar
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Light stuff on fire.

This man knows how to have a good time!!
Spam up UG with threads asking what to do if you're bored.

Or fap.
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