I tried a bit of a new, more commercial (and totally generic!) style, but I think I manage to pull it off fairly well. Anyways, I need some help with the mix.

I know i need to do a ton of stuff to the drums, seeing as I didn't do anything to them.



btw, i tried a bunch of new stuff with the guitar, let me know if it sounds full enough.
i like the song the guitars sound great, dissection kind of sound. But needs more low end. give it a kind of symphonic sound would be cool.
i think drums sounds fine, maybe add a tib more bass drum sound, everything else sounds good i think

yea, add just a tiny tiny bit more bass drum, and it will sounds nice, this song sounds incredible, great job, like wow
definitely more bass drum and bass guitar ( i can't actually tell if you have one in there) be wary of conflicting frequencies when you go to lay the bass track down and stepping up your bass freq's in the kick drum.

snare could use a little midrange oomph too actually to sort of offset its sharpness.

If this were my mix, i might bring the hats and cymbals down a bit.. a small splash of reverb on them would make them a little more washy and not quite as in your face.
but if its already to your liking then.. cymbal on!

guitars sound great. tonewise and good clean playing.

i wouldn't mind a quick comment on my own tunes in my profile if you can. thx!

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