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Over and no more albums to offer
18 44%
Still strong with more albums to create
23 56%
Voters: 41.
There are strong rumours going round that Stadium Arcadium was the last Red Hot Chili Peppers album and with no forseeable plans of even starting to think about recording a new album I was wondering how many people thought it was the end of the line for them or whether they will go on to record more albums? (I know this is a Chili Pepper question and should be in the RHCP thread but I'm putting a poll on it so had to start a new one)
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Hope not
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well we know they're on a hiatus at the moment.
there was an article on UG not long ago.
i think it will be a long time before we see any tour dates or news of a new album from them.
that said, i dont think the Chili's would ever break up.
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I'd say that their 'year long' hiatus sounds a bit much.
I can't really see them doing more after that... I think it's the end of the line.
I don't think so. There may not be an immediate album, but I don't think we've heard the last of them yet. Or at least I hope not.
Although I know they're capable of another album, at the very least...

...something in my gut tells me that we may be near to the end with the Peppers.

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I honestly hope it is. I really didn't enjoy it. All their stuff is starting to sound the same for me.
So what the **** is up with the hate of their last albums? Name a band that manages to make good, quality music like they do after 9 albums... Anthony still finds his inspiration after such a long life, he still writes awesome lyrics, god he must have a huge heart
John Frusciante is just getting better and better (Well not that he can get any better, but his changings are good for the sake of versatility).
Flea just keep on doing his great basslines. His bass writing may not be as awesome as before (it's really hard to beat his old stuffs), but it still fits their music very well.
Chad is a solid drummer as always.
All these four members are perfect for eachother and were meant to write music together... I can't imagine them quitting now because they have so much left to give the world

Red Hot Chili Peppers thread, my man.

He already explained why he made a new thread.
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Guys, there's already and RHCP thread. Use that.

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