We're getting a ton of email from the potential masses of the BHE faithful regarding the new Handsome Devil, Killer Ant and Hothead and where in the blazes you can find one. Most of ya'll have been kind enough to blame your local or e comm dealer but the truth is, it's all on me and the Belov. We've fallen a little behind our original expectation dates.

That said, we thought we'd be as informative and upfront as possible so you know what to expect....

The Killer Ant and Killer Cab will be in stores in late July. They're on the water now and we'll receive them in late June. We need to go through and make sure everything's perfect, then we'll spank their little behinds, take a few pictures and send them out ASAP.

The Handsome Devil (head and combo) is due to be in stores by late August. They haven't gotten on the boat but Belov is over there checking them out to make sure all's good, we'll look at them again before they leave our place and hopefully have enough. This one's really back ordered though. Once we realized how many the good folks of planet earth wanted, we ordered more but it takes about 60 days for that to bear fruit and become an amp.

The Hothead is looking more like September at this point. We just approved the pilot (first few pieces from a production run) after having to tweak the prototypes.

The good news is that we're completely satisfied with what we're building and what you'll be playing. Thanks to everyone for their patience. We swear you'll be rocked by these amps and years from now, look over a crowd of adoring fans screaming for more and forget all about how long it took to get one.

If you want to say "hi", send us encouragement or even a flaming, angry email (we're not sensitive, we're amp guys), bring it on: productknowledge@loudtechinc.com

Until then, Rock On,

Head Animal

i was starting to wonder what the hell was going on with these amps and why they weren't out but this explains it all. just thought i'd share to anyone else who was asking themselves the same questions. p.s. i'm getting the killer ant!
The 15/7w head is on MF right now for $400. I definitely want to pick up a Little Ant head when it comes out though.
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if you look on musicians friend you will notice that it is back ordered until late august. so it's really only like a pre-order.
I'm definitely getting the killer ant.
There's a few vids on youtube of a pre production model that a guy is testing.
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