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I open with Trivium and Linkin Park.
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You can't prove that people DON'T walk on water. turn water into wine etc.
i used to be a fan of pantera, black label society, hammerfall, symphony x and other similar bands.
i'm just more into death metal.
Linkin Park, loved 'em when i was younger.

He's laughing at YOU.
You better click that bastard.

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My Chemical Romance. I don't hate them, just not as much as I used to love them.
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Everyone is trying a comeback now. Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins, Rage, and now bin Laden? Come on. Give it a rest..

System of a Down.
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools

I'm excited for the new album, but not really excited or anything...
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cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory
Metallica, RHCP, Foo Fighters, Green Day and Sum 41. I used to listen to them religeously.

the fall of troy, sum41, bloc party
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lmao XxGloriousxX is a genius

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You guys fail. Except for you Glorious. You win.

Once again.
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I would shoot them to death yes, but trying to aim for non-leathal, hoping they live.

which one is it Guitarfreak777?

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The only reason it exists is because drugs get people fucked up, and people love getting fucked up.

"Ultimate"-Guitar is the worst website on the internet. Polluted with unintelligent mongoloids.
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i used to be a fan of pantera, black label society, hammerfall, symphony x and other similar bands.
i'm just more into death metal.

Black Label Society are great. Apart from the whole "OMFG Zakk sux0rs" that everyone says, the songs are great - especially the slow, clean songs. Zakk is a good musician IMO, who can write some nice songs.
Sunn O))):
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You could always just sleep beside your refrigerator.

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I used to love Blink 182, The Killers, Kaiser Cheifs etc.

I don't hate them now, just extreme indifference.
nu-metal, cause I was ten.
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I love you =] I can't say I was very fond of you when we first started talking because you trolled the hell out of my threads, but after talking to you here I've grown very attached to you.

Yeah, write to my fanclub about it, honey.
Green Day - Hate them now

Linkin Park - Hate them now

Trivium - Think they're ok

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Cannibal Corpse.
Limp Bizkit (their "serious" songs are ok, like "Re-Arranged")
Eric Clapton
Green Day.
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System of a Down. I LOVED their old stuff, and whiles I do still like their new stuff, its just a bit...blargh. (thats the only word I can think to describe it)
Good Charlotte...saw em live twice..and met benji and joel

Her friends are gazing on her,
And on her gaudy bier,
And weep!-oh! to dishonor
Dead beauty with a tear!
They loved her for her wealth-
And they hated her for her pride-
But she grew in feeble health,
And they love her-that she died.
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*prepars to be flamed*

Hate them now, and all pop.

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Rap is music,far better than metal for example. id much rather hear about hoes and anal sex than dragons and supressed homosexuality.
Linkin Park
hair metal

Good Charlotte
My Chemical Romance
Fall Out Boy

i still like TBS, Hawthorne Heights, Saosin, and Blessthefall.
Radiohead. I've really gone off them. Still a few songs I love however.
The Smiths is the same.

I used to have a huge stack of trance on the computer, though I pruned it significantly and just have about 30 tracks left.
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