click on the apple top left corner then about this mac and look at what version you have.
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In the upper left corner of your screen, in the taskbar, you can see an apple-icon,
click it, and then click "About this Mac" or something like that... (My version's in dutch.. It's the first choice in the menu that opens) There you can see what kind of OS you have installed...

EDIT: damn, beaten to it..
lol, leopard is osx... if you want to know which version of osx you're running, go to 'about this mac' in the apple drop down menu thing.
leopard is a version of osx, and yes, check the manual
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Leopard IS Mac OS X. However Mac OS X is not necessarily Leopard. Click on the apple icon, then click something like "about this mac"
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If your canadian it might say "Aboot this mac"
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If your canadian it might say "Aboot this mac"

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^ This, also if the apple in the top left corner is blue it's Tiger and if it's black it's Leopard.

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