Should I get a Harley Benton bass amplifier? They have very good prices but I'm not sure how good they are, thanks
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From Wikipedia:
"Harley Benton is a brand name used on guitars, guitar effects and amplifiers made in China for the German musical instrument retailer Thomann."

So I would go with no, unless its a beginner practice amp. Theyve only recently started making them so don't expect much
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Harley Benton is just another brand name stamped on guitars, amps, banjos etc. made by the Sonjing corporation in China. They are the single largest musical instrument makers in the world, producing millions of instrument a year. Only a small fraction of these actually bear the name Sonjing (mostly violins and bows)
Quality is no issue here. You get what you pay for, which on one hand is very little. On the other hand; cheap instruments have never before been as good as they are now. You'll be surprised how good these Harley Benton's (or Vintages, Johnsons or whatever) actually are.
What you get for little money is an amp that works reasonable well for very little money. Reliabilty is good, but the sound will not satisfy your needs for the rest of your live and resale value is next to non-existent. But they're good to get you going while saving for the expensive amp that you'll eventually want to buy.
If it is all you can afford right now, get one.