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Dunlop Crybaby 535Q
4 67%
Rocktron Tri-wah
1 17%
Ibanez weeping demon
1 17%
Boss V-wah
0 0%
Voters: 6.
Hi, after too long using my friends behringer wah pedal, i realise i need to upgrade. I apologise if you've seen this thread a 100 times, but i got no luck from 'Ultimate wah thread' or search bar.
- No more than £80 (new or used)
- To suit metal playing styles
- Good 'sweep' and range, sound im looking for is kirk hammett esq, prehaps not so intense.
- Id like something well built that will last a while.

Iv been looking at the obvious like crybaby's, but the rocktron stuff has caught my attention, the Tri-wah specificly, the user reviews say its great. But cant find any other kind of opinions on it.

Can anybody help with my search, i am kinda relying on your advise, as there is no shops near me that supply the wahs im interested in.
have you done a UG review search?
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i don't know the pounds system because i'm american (AMERICA!!! **** yeah!) but the ibanez weeping demon seems really cool

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Cant find any reviews on the rocktron except on HC, which is where its highly rated...
If you want something versatile, go for the ibanez weeping demon or the dunlop crybaby 535(Q)
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avoid the Weeping Demon like the plague, I do second anyone say Crybaby 535Q though.
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Cant reaaaaaaaaly afford the crybaby, and i dont want the cheap one... now im confused again
the weeping demon is supposed to be good. I've got the rocktron tri wah and I love it, it will probably work fine for you, but I find it works better if you keep your guitar volume low, and crank up the gain on the amp
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