I've been debating and looking over both guitars. I currently have a MIM Tele but i really would like a strat.

Which one of these would be better?




also, if the rondo music strats would be better, i would actually prefer the "vintage white" with maple neck. But they only have one with the shorter scale which i believe is 24"

Do they have any "vintage white" ones in the 25.5" scale?
If you're already playing a MIM Tele, a Squier is going to be a big dive in quality.
get the sx! i'm ordering mine today, i've never heard a bad thing about them, but squires i hear a lot of bad stuff

i mean, do what you want, but i'm going with the sx because its half the price but twice the quality

stage setup:
heavily modded yamaha
modded strat
fernandes- no name

carvin 100 head through marshall cab

I know that but i really would prefer a strat.
The Tele just aren't giving me the tone i want. I have a Peavey Valveking so i know my amp is fine.
Sell it then? Then pick up an MIM Strat? I'm just saying, you probably won't be as satisfied.
I thought about trading it in to guitar center but i figured they'd give me like 5 bucks for it. haha.

I'll try ebay or something.
Quote by Iplayblues
I thought about trading it in to guitar center but i figured they'd give me like 5 bucks for it. haha.

I'll try ebay or something.

Try local listings. Like Craigslist or something, depending on where you are. It should be worth something for sure. Probably anywhere from $250-300.
There's a few key differences between Squiers and SX Strats which should be mentioned and may help you make up your mind.

SX have a chunky C shaped neck with jumbo frets. I love the feel, but if you like thin necks these aren't for you. Squier necks feel more closer to traditional a modern Fender neck.

Squires come in a variety of excellent finishes which you can't get from SX, cherryburst being my favorite. I played an ash SX which basically felt like it had no finish at all.

SX stock pickups are very usable. Squire's need immediate replacement unless you like an extremely low output.

SX fretwork is very good but slightly sloppy pickguard cut around the neck joint while most Squier workmanship is solid all around (though I have played a few with rough fret ends).

I've reviewed both in back issues of FrugalGuitarist.com.

Good Luck!
I would get the SX
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