I want to start useing my whammy bar more. Are there any songs or technics I should learn?
learn Eruption, there's a whammy part in there..

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Muse - Knights of cydonia.¨

Best whammy song EVAR.
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Muse - Knights of cydonia.¨

Best whammy song EVAR.

Thanks man, learning that song now. It's the first time I'm listing to Muse

Any other songs?
If you have the chops, For The Love Of God by Steve Vai.
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cemetary gates by panteraat the very end has some crazy whammy squeals.
also surfing with the alien or satch boogie (not sure which one) by joe satriani has some good whammy bar ****.
the songs just listed are only for whammy bars with locking tuners if you didnt know.
i guess for techniques theres the divebomb and the squeal.
if your lookings for less heavier whammy bar sounds. then you could look into some live stuff by david gilmour cause his strat whammy technique is very effective in its solo.
this kind of technique is for non-locking whammy bars. and just my own opinion, dont ever try a bigsby tremolo bar and if you do, youll no why i wrote this.
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If you have the chops, For The Love Of God by Steve Vai.

Sounds out of my league
For The Love of God for the win.

other than that....I unno ._.;;
Lenny- Stevie Ray Vaughan
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Anyway, Anything by Van Halen, Steve Vai, And Joe Satriani for the Floating Tremolo Units. Otherwise, just Vibrato notes and the occasional dive bombs
ravenous by arch enemy...fairly hard lead but a whole wb harmonics section
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