the original without all these modern effects sound better than the new versions. Eg: Face Down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, IMHO, the original version without all the effects on the vocals to make them tone perfect sounds much better and SO much less fake. Name other songs like this & discuss

Oh, and to show what I mean., original and new.

& don't be so immature as to flame me for my taste in music, I listen to all sorts & there is this thing called opinion. However, knowing the pit, the first reply I expect is "ZOMG. Go away emo!" :/
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the original version of Deadly Sinners by 3 inches of blood
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loL@ video being called screamo. But I'll leave that bit out.

I think some of AFI's Sing the Sorrow demo tracks sound better than the CD versions.
I think Big Me by Foo Fighters sounds better unplugged. Does that count?

EDIT: Actually, I have a good one. I prefer the original, more stripped down version of To Build A Mountain by The Matches.
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the original version of Deadly Sinners by 3 inches of blood


And a few others is Bunnies by Horse The Band, the demo kills the other.

The Original Forever Scorned album by It Dies Today.

I'm sure there's tons more.